Generation Hope is the youth branch of Hope UK, a Christian charity for children and young people. It is a membership group for young people age 11-25 who want to make a difference in society by living a Christian lifestyle, with an emphasis on drug and alcohol-free choices. These young people want to make and maintain friendships with like-minded others, develop knowledge and skills, and encourage their friends (and be encouraged by them) to live a life that will often be counter-cultural.

Involvement includes activity weekends that provide training as well as fun; and opportunities to get involved in peer drug education alongside adult Hope UK Drug Educators.

Social media is used to enable young people throughout the UK to maintain friendships made at these events. These are carefully monitored by our youth worker.

All Health & Safety and Safeguarding regulations and guidelines are observed and all adult Drug Educators and Generation Hope members over the age of 18 are DBS checked every two years. Be assured that we take child protection very seriously.