The main issue of today’s youth, amongst girls particularly, is that they have absolutely no self-confidence. I hear too much of “I’m so ugly”, “I’m so fat, no boy/girl is ever going to look at me twice”, “I’m super nervous about everything”, “I’m gonna do terrible at this”. And that they do not have the confidence to stand up for themselves and they let other people push them around. The good thing about Generation Hope is that we are taught how to be confident, and how to say ‘no’. These are two life skills that we are not taught in school, but should be. It is really important that we learn these things, so it is really good we have organisations like Generation Hope who will teach us these things.


Class A Member

It is great that you are interested in becoming a Generation Hope member!

Generation Hope is a membership group for young people, led by young people, who want to make new friends, help and support each other in living drug-free lives, grow in their walk with Jesus, change the world and have loads of fun along the way.

How will this happen, you may be asking?

Here are some examples:

  • Weekends away
  • Opportunities to help lead drug and alcohol sessions (will look good on your CV)
  • Workshops covering topics chosen by the members
  • Training opportunities (will also look good on your CV)

Annual membership is just £5 and you will receive a voucher worth £5 which you can redeem against the cost of any Hope UK or Generation Hope event during the year.

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